May 22-26, 2017
Cologne, Pullman Hotel

XP 2017 - Uncovering Better Ways of Developing Software

Taking up the rallying cry from Uncle Bob's keynote at XP 2014 in Rome, XP 2017 will bring together people of all roles dealing with the creation of software.

By carefully balancing technical and methodological topics, we will provide a space where people "doing it" and people "helping others do it", but also people "needing it" can share their experiences with Agile Software Development in order to uncover better ways of developing software.

The Conference

We will have two days of workshops and tutorials framing three main conference days.

Tutorials and workshops

On Monday and Friday, you will have the opportunity to learn from and work with expert practitioners.

The focus will be the dissemination of knowledge and experience, leaving you with new and relevant tools for your daily work.

Main conference

True to the tradition of the XP conference, the main conference days will have tracks with industrial and academic sessions, keynotes, an Open Space and a PhD symposium.

For XP 2017, we decided to have thematic tracks representing the four values of the Agile Manifesto. We are looking forward to hear about new and thought-provoking ideas for emphasising Individuals and Interactions, Working Software, Customer Collaboration and Responding to Change, both from industrial practitioners and academic researchers.

For PhD students, the symposium will provide an opportunity to receive feedback and to discuss current research and practice.

Finally, we invite you to discuss all these ideas and topics, to collaboratively generate new insights, and to ultimately discover better ways of developing software during the Open Space.


The XP 2017 proceedings have been published under an open access program. You can download a copy from Springer Link .

Furthermore, you can find detail pages for the six XP 2017 Experience Reports on the Agile Alliance website:


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