May 22-26, 2017
Cologne, Pullman Hotel

The Open Space at XP Conference 2017

There are two faces to all XP conferences. On the one hand, with their long history, thoughtful pre-selected talks and scientific topics from renowned speakers, they are quite obviously classical conferences. On the other hand, they are host to an Open Space, to which all participants can contribute sessions on any topic at any time available.

What is an Open Space?

An Open Space is a format for finding solutions about a topic in a very big group, by using the wisdom of the crowd. It generally starts with a blank agenda, containing several empty slots at certain times in certain rooms. In a celebrated ritual all participants have the opportunity to propose sessions. Step by step, we will fill this agenda, collaboratively creating the second half of the conference program to "Uncover Better Ways of Developing Software".

What is a valid session for an Open Space?

A session can have any format that fills the need of the topic it is about. That may be a prepared talk, workshop or exercise, as well as a discussion or question that came to one’s mind during the conference. So, whether you’d like to try out a new workshop idea with a lot of interested people or you like to hear the expertise of all the specialists about a question that floats around in your head, do not hesitate to bring your topic to the Open Space - and remember: Whoever comes is the right people. You don't need to be an expert to be a valuable session host at an Open Space.

What’s special about the XP 2017 Open Space?

With the Open Space - as is customary at XP conferences - taking place in parallel with the planned program, there will be plenty of keynotes, presentations and workshops to serve as inspiration. Since XP conferences don’t really distinguish that much between speakers and attendants, you can expect a lot of the former to participate in the Open Space, allowing for the opportunity to collaboratively turn these inspirations into insights.

Also, as XP conferences not only cater to practitioners but also attract a lot of researchers, the Open Space provides an excellent opportunity to bring the two groups together to exchange knowledge and experience.

Last but not least, on Tuesday we will again host the traditional Open Space night with snacks and drinks - this time with a gorgeous view across all of Cologne from the Pullman Hotel’s 12th floor.

Combining all of this, we expect the Open Space to be the place where this year’s theme, "Uncovering Better Ways of Developing Software" will really happen.

Open Space

Photo by Hubert Baumeister

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