May 22-26, 2017
Cologne, Pullman Hotel

18th International Conference on Agile Software Development

Join the world’s oldest Agile conference!

XP, the International Conference on Agile Software Development, has been touring through Europe for more than a decade. Every year, the conference takes place in a different European country. In 2017 the conference will come to Germany. codecentric is honored to be the local organizer of XP 2017 in Cologne.

Uncovering better ways of developing software

Taking up the rallying cry from Uncle Bob's keynote at XP 2014 in Rome, XP 2017 will bring together people of all roles dealing with the creation of software. By carefully balancing technical and methodological topics, we will provide a space where people "doing it" and people "helping others do it", but also people "needing it" can share their experiences with Agile Software Development in order to uncover better ways of developing software.


The program is still work in progress.
Please check the current status here.

Keynote Speakers

Andrea Goulet

Andrea Goulet

Andrea Goulet is the CEO of Corgibytes, a software development shop dedicated to maintaining and modernizing software applications. She’s the founder of LegacyCode.Rocks and hosts a podcast dedicated to changing the way we think about legacy code. Andrea has a knack for solving complex business problems with simple solutions and is passionate about user experience.

Alain Helaili

Alain Hélaïli

Alain Hélaïli has been working in the software industry for 15 years, always with a focus on developer and operations. He is a fierce supporter of anything that results in better collaboration between Dev and Ops, and he loves automating everything. At GitHub, he helps companies modernizing their workflows and collaboration efficiency by leveraging the power of Octocat and Hubot.

Claes Wohlin

Claes Wohlin

Claes Wohlin is a professor in software engineering and dean of the Faculty of Computing at Blekinge Institute of Technology. In 2011, he was elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. His main research interest include agile and lean software development, and evidence-based software engineering. The research is mostly conducted in close collaboration with industry.



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