May 22-26, 2017
Cologne, Pullman Hotel

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of XP2017 Cologne, please contact the event organisers on

Why sponsor?

Sponsor Package “Cologne Cathedral”

15000 EUR + VAT


The famous Cologne Cathedral is unique, and so is this sponsorship package. This sponsoring will ensure that your presence and profile at the conference reflects your company’s ethos and style.

Sponsor Package “Albertus Magnus”

8500 EUR + VAT

Albertus Magnus, also known as Albert of Cologne, is a Catholic saint and was often referred to as the “greatest German philosopher of the Middle Ages”. During his lifetime he was known as doctor expertus. This sponsoring will ensure that your presence and profile at the conference will reflect your company’s expertise in Agile Software Development. Depending on which add-on you choose, this package is limited to three partners.

+ one of the following exclusive add-ons

Sponsor Package “River Rhine”

4500 EUR + VAT

The River Rhine is the second-longest river in Central and Western Europe and Cologne is the biggest city on the Rhine. The river has its origin in Switzerland, forms parts of the border of Switzerland to Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and France and ends in the North Sea in the Netherlands. With this sponsoring you will be able to meet delegates from all shores of the River Rhine and beyond.

Sponsor Package “Kölsch”

2000 EUR + VAT

“Kölsch” (German pronunciation [koelʃ]) is Cologne’s famous local beer, a clear pale ale. Typical Kölsch glasses differ a great deal from other German beer glasses, as they are of a cylinder form and only hold 0,2 liters. This sponsoring is ideal for companies that would like to display their products or services to delegates and have their brand visible but are unable to attend the conference.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Prices on demand

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